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Daniel Eriksson Pitt

Activate Your Digital Selling – 4 Reasons to Jump-Start Your Sales Transformation with our New Approach

The traditional approach to adopting new information systems has been to make the decision to invest, and then leave the project in the hands of the IT department. With the rise of cloud technologies and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, this approach has become even less practical than before.

Information systems, such as the CRM, are first and foremost tools for accelerating your business on all levels. In order to get the most out of the available technology quickly and efficiently, a new method is required. Together with Microsoft, we’ve created a new partnership-based approach to implementing new systems that puts people first.

Here’s why you need it.

Reason 1: The traditional approach to CRM projects is slow, costly, and inefficient

The traditional approach, where the merits of a technological solution are appraised by the amount of its features, has been made redundant. Modern cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, can do pretty much anything. Anything at all.

So, instead of asking for a list of features or a product demo, with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you can ask ”what needs to be done to take our business to the next level”.

Also, the traditional way of implementing a CRM system, where the sales team might be involved in the beginning, but eventually the whole thing turns into another IT project, doesn’t work.

Think about it. What are the major issues with your current CRM? If I were to make a guess, they would include one or more of the following:

  1. The operative sales team doesn’t use the CRM, as they find it burdensome and unhelpful.
  2. Leadership lacks visibility to critical business and customer insights.
  3. Marketing and sales operate separately from each other.
  4. The owner of the CRM is unable to make improvements to the system, as the requests they receive from the end-users contradict each other.

These are all consequences of the lack of communication between people, which is typical for the traditional approach.

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Reason 2: The New Approach Puts People First and Helps to Align the Goals of All Key Stakeholders

The idea in the heart of our new approach is to provide value to your business at every step. From the first preliminary meeting to the continuous development of an operational system.

The special thing about our approach is that we include all key stakeholders in order to create the best system for the users. We’ll sit down with them and map out their individual needs and challenges. After that we will bring all of them together to engage in a discussion on how to align your goals.

Based on this, your sales team, sales and business leadership, and IT will have a better understanding of each other. And, you will be able to make decisions that benefit your entire organization.

Reason 3: It Speeds Up the Evaluation Process

Traditionally the evaluation process involving a new CRM has taken months, and even then, the end result has usually been less than optimal (see reason 1).

With the new approach, the evaluation process is an organic part of aligning the goals of your different stakeholders. The end result will be better, and it will take weeks instead of months.

"With the new approach, the end result will be better."


Reason 4: It Provides Your Business with the Roadmap for Sales Transformation

First, we will help you define your current state. Then, we will help you create a vision of your desired state. And after that, together we will create a roadmap showing how you can reach your vision, and how you can go beyond it in the future.

Not everything needs to be done at once. A successful transformation takes time. With cloud technologies and our new approach, we can build your Digital Selling capabilities incrementally. Starting from a Minimum Viable Product, and adding more things once you and your organization are ready.

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Daniel Eriksson Pitt

Daniel is responsible for offering & business development and has extensive experience of working with digitalization within service-based organizations. He is passionate about the behavioral changes digital means drive but cautious of the timing and value proposition that they need to possess.