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Daniel Eriksson Pitt

Activate Your Digital Selling – How Our New Approach Provides Business Value at Every Stage

Innofactor’s new approach to CRM realization puts your business needs first.

Within the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, so much is possible that most can find it hard to comprehend. It’s more about the big picture, and because of this, there’s really no need to focus on what tools are available (as most are).

Instead, you can shift focus to what needs to be done in order to take your business to the next level. This starts by analyzing your current state and what challenges and opportunities you are trying to address.

Every business’ needs are unique, which is why our approach is not a linear process, but rather a fluid program that looks different for each company. Different stages of the program are as follows:

1. Discovery Meeting

The discovery meeting is an easy first step to start improving your digital selling. In the meeting we will discuss your organization’s current state and offer our experience to help you clarify your key business needs. The purpose is to present you a recommendation for your next course of action.

It will provide you with a rough estimate of your current state, and ideas on how you can move forward. We will also provide you with an estimate on which technical, as well as organizational, changes can help you on your path.

It’s only a one hour meeting, so obviously it won’t be a comprehensive analysis of your business. But, you will gain a better understanding of your current state and your key considerations moving forward.

And it doesn’t cost you anything.


"The Discovery Meeting is an easy first step to start improving your digital selling. And it doesn't cost you anything."


2. Engagement Workshop

For an about two week period (the length depends on the complexity of your organization) prior to the Engagement Workshop, we make observations to gather information on your organization’s current situation from the different stakeholder’s perspectives. In the actual workshop, we will bring all of them together (usually this includes sales operations, sales & commercial leadership and IT leadership) and initiate a meaningful dialog on the business outcomes that could be enabled with Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft services.

We find that the Engagement Workshop is an excellent way of improving the understanding of the big picture within your whole organization and to gain an executive level commitment, that is vital to a successful realization.

It is a fully facilitated program that helps you better understand what needs to be done to transform your sales.

3. Solution Assessment

Once you know where your organization currently stands, and where you wish to be tomorrow, you can start planning the solution that will help you get there.

The Solution Assessment contains a set of activities to review your business processes together with the process owners, and assess your existing IT landscape together with your IT.

The end purpose is to provide you with a well-documented solution roadmap on how you can move forward with your sales transformation with a solution built on Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft services.

4. Proof of Value

After we’ve created your roadmap together, you or your end-users might wish to have further proof that the planned solution actually works. For that purpose, we can provide a Proof of Value to showcase how the solution could manage common use-cases.

This can help you feel more confident about the investment, but it is also useful in building engagement within end-users and the internal organization.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Start by booking your Discovery Meeting with our expert!

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Daniel Eriksson Pitt

Daniel is responsible for offering & business development and has extensive experience of working with digitalization within service-based organizations. He is passionate about the behavioral changes digital means drive but cautious of the timing and value proposition that they need to possess.