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It may be a cliché, but the best thing were the people - DigiStars share their experiences

Innofactor DigiStar program builds hard-core experts in modern technology. This year, 29 DigiStars from Finland, Sweden and Norway attended the DigiStar Bootcamp, a two-week onboarding period for our new trainees. In this blog post, two new DigiStars share their Bootcamp and trainee experiences so far.


Ville-Pekka, Junior Software Developer, Espoo Campus



I’m Ville-Pekka, and I started my Innofactor journey as a Junior Software Developer about one month ago. Currently my tasks include frontend and backend domain development and DevOps to one of Innofactor’s biggest customers. I'm also finishing up my Information and Communication Technology studies in University of Tampere, currently working on my master’s thesis.

I found out about the DigiStar trainee program when it was promoted in our Guild’s group chat and decided to apply because it seemed like the perfect opportunity to kickstart my career while still slowly working on my master's after getting acquainted with my work. The DigiStar program in particular resonated with me as I'm finishing my studies and looking to leap to the next level. It seemed to promise to provide the ideal framework for this development.


Not just long lectures and presentations

The DigiStar trainee program kicked off with a two-week long Bootcamp. During the first week all of us new DigiStars met face-to-face and got to know each other at the Espoo Campus. The program was packed with stuff, including a visit to Microsoft Finland’s office, Scrum training, info lectures about the different business units of Innofactor, chat session with former DigiStars and an evening at an Escape Room. The most memorable moments for me were the Scrum training and InSpirit, a company-wide summer event that also finished off the first week of Bootcamp.

It may sound like a cliché, but to me the best thing about the Bootcamp were the people. It was great to get to know the other DigiStars from different offices around the Nordics, especially the ones that would be working in the same Digital Services business unit as me. I also liked that the Bootcamp program was not just long lectures and presentations. There were many interactive activities that kept things interesting.



Polaroids from the evening at the Escape Room.


Life after Bootcamp

All in all, the Bootcamp experience positively surprised me. The training gave a good introduction to Innofactor’s operations and gave me a chance to meet and chat with many people from my office before I'd even started my job. So, when it was time to start working on my tasks, the transition to the new work environment was easy.

Personal growth is the key at Innofactor. The company supports and encourages us to earn new certifications to ensure we keep pace with new tech advancements and requirements. The hierarchy here is flat, and the company really trusts its employees. The teams are very autonomous, so nobody is breathing down your neck. My goal in the future is to keep on doing things that I personally enjoy, so it's good to know that if at some point I'd like to switch up my work tasks and try something new, I can do that within the company. 


Tuomas, Junior Bid Manager, Tampere Office


Tuomas_DigiStarMy name is Tuomas and I'm working as a Junior Bid Manager. I'm part of the bid management team in the sales unit. My job is to support sales processes and manage the public procurement RfQ’s (Request for quote) alongside with our three-person bid management team. I studied International Business at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and work at the Tampere office.

I joined Innofactor in March. Truth be told, when I applied, I didn't even pay attention to the DigiStar part of the job posting. I was too interested in the job and company attributes as they stuck out and amazed me positively. After months of working in the company, they still do!


Getting to know the people, company, and culture 

The DigiStar Bootcamp offered a brand-new concept to introducing new blood into the company. Overall, we all had a fun week getting to know each other, the company and the culture. Especially the workshops and team-building activities stood out for me personally. It was splendid to be joined by our Nordic co-DigiStars as well! What surprised me the most was that although I've been continuously learning and working since the beginning of March, I still learned a lot throughout the camp thanks to the introduction lessons and hands-on workshops.

My expectations for the future are that I'll keep growing and honing my expertise through
challenges thrown my way professionally. The support, coaching and mentoring I've received
during my employment make me feel very comfortable in my position. Having already achieved success as a team member motivates me to thrive as a part of the group so that I can support the company as a small piece of a big puzzle that we call Innofactor.



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