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We are a leading provider of digitalization and cloud solutions in the Nordic countries.

20 reasons why people love working at Innofactor

Innofactor celebrated its 20th birthday in 2020. To commemorate two dazzling decades of digitalization, we wanted to showcase the stories and the people behind our success. With this in mind, we asked our 500+ employees in our offices in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden to share the reasons they love working at Innofactor. We’re happy to report we got an overwhelming response, with answers both wacky and wonderful. To see for yourself, we wanted to share the following 20 reasons with you.

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EN-20 greatest-Espoo-summer-dock

1. “Colleagues, opportunity to grow and sauna—in that order.” 

Risto from Espoo, Finland

2.  “I like sitting down for lunch with my colleagues, who always make me feel welcome. I also enjoy the freedom to work flexible times, which is useful for when I need to run personal errands.” 

Janne from Kuopio, Finland


3. “My colleagues, they always help when needed and brighten up every day.”

Antti from Tampere, Finland


4. "I see skies of blue

       And clouds of white

       The bright blessed day

       The dark sacred night

       And I think to myself

       What a wonderful place to work."

Tero from Espoo, Finland


5. “I like the Nordic collaboration aspect of my job, which is becoming increasingly common.” 

Hanna from Espoo, Finland

EN-20 greatest-norway-2 

6. “I enjoy the possibility to switch freely to new projects. If you wish to work on a different project, or work remotely, you can request a transfer to another team.” 

Juho from Espoo, Finland


7.  “Internationality,

Great people,

Learning from others”

Yerko from Stockholm, Sweden


8. “Equality. Almost 50% of the staff in the Stockholm office are women. As a woman, I’ve never felt that I’ve been treated differently at Innofactor, and I hope other women working in the company’s various Nordic offices feel the same way.”

Emma from Stockholm, Sweden


9. “Great colleagues help each other, which gives value to the customer

                   Colleagues + Commitment = Success.”

Torbjörn from Stockholm, Sweden


10. “The attitude is that "everything is possible" and "you can do it!”

Helene from Stockholm, Sweden

 EN-20 greatest-stockholm

11. “Supportive atmosphere and the chance to work with the latest Microsoft technology.”

 Helen from Stockholm, Sweden


12. "I’m very happy with the opportunities for professional growth and continuous learning at Innofactor. The encouragement given by management makes me feel appreciated and has helped me develop in my career in the past year."

Mathias from Copenhagen, Denmark


13. “Flexibility

           Social atmosphere

           Fantastic location.”

Gadir from Copenhagen, Denmark


14. “Creating value for customers is a very rewarding experience.”

Mads from Copenhagen, Denmark


15. “The bosses are not 'bossy,' and they assist us in doing what we do best.”

Martin from Copenhagen, Denmark

 EN-20 greatest-norway

16. “People



 Miika from Kuopio, Finland


17. “Ability to develop your skills and learn new things easily.”

Espen from Trondheim, Norway


18. “Customer-driven innovation enables wonderful new things, and satisfies my curiosity and drive to build the future.”

Jørn from Oslo, Norway


19. “People, management, and a caring attitude are all connected at Innofactor.”

Bjørn from Bergen, Norway


20. “A modern workplace with many possibilities. These things are essential for performance and wellbeing.”

Nicolai from Bergen, Norway

EN-20 greatest-Keilaniemi-metro-1

We think these answers beautifully showcase what makes Innofactor such a special place to work. Needless to say, our aim is to ensure that not only do we maintain this unique culture but help it flourish and develop further in the future. So, here’s to the next 20 years of wonderful working life!