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Interview with Jarno Limnéll, VP, Cybersecurity Solutions at Innofactor

Jarno was appointed as Innofactor’s Vice President for Cybersecurity Solutions in August 2021. He is in charge of developing Innofactor’s Nordic cybersecurity offering and team. Jarno is also a Professor of Practice at Aalto University. He is a Doctor of Military Science, Master of Political Science and Officer (major, retired from active service), with 25 years of experience in security issues in public administration, business and the academic world. He is one of Finland’s most well-known security experts and a Member of the World Economic Forum's expert network.

But what about the man behind the titles? Read this short interview to find out more about Jarno.

Could you describe yourself through three themes that are important to you?

  1. Family: I have three children, a wife and a dog. Family is the core of my life.
  2. Security: I've spent my whole life working in the field of security and it’s also my passion.
  3. Future: I’m fascinated by where the world and Finland are headed, and especially by the fact that I have the opportunity to influence what the future will look like.



How did you first become interested in cybersecurity and how did you know you wanted to work in the industry?

I've spent my entire career working in security. My decision as a young man to attend cadet school was an indication of my interest in security. Since then, I have worked in the field of security in business and the academic world.

The theme of cybersecurity began to emerge in Finland just over 10 years ago, when the development of technology and digitalization became evident in security matters. You could say that the cyber world swept me along. However, I don’t think we should look at the cyber world as being separate from the rest of the world. The trend I see is that cybersecurity will converge with all other aspects of security.

You process a tremendous amount of information at work every day. How do you keep your mind fresh and open to new ideas?

I find it fascinating that the cyber world is constantly evolving, which makes it crucial that I work continuously to keep my knowledge up to date and challenge my thinking. This is a field where you have to be willing to learn, innovate and think about things in new ways. There are many things in the cyber world for which there are no ready-made solutions.

My network is another way for me to keep my thinking fresh. I have an extensive network of experts in Finland and around the world, and I actively discuss these issues with them. My network also helps me challenge my own thinking, which is always a good thing.

You have a lot of responsibilities and projects outside Innofactor as well. How do you manage and prioritize your work?

Time management is essential. I’m very particular about my calendar and how I use my time. When I do something, I give it my full attention. I always enter future engagements and tasks in my calendar to make sure they get done. I also add all of my recreational activities in my calendar, including my morning workouts.

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What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career? What did you learn from it?

Writing my dissertation was the biggest challenge. There were times when I doubted myself, but I learned that progress will be made as long as I work hard and believe in myself. This also applies to many other things.

You’ve worked at Innofactor for two months now. What three things about Innofactor would you like to highlight here?

  1. People: A successful company is made up of capable people. Without them, the organization has no future. Innofactor is a company with highly competent professionals.
  2. A positive drive to get things done and confidence in the future: People want to accomplish tasks, move forward and make decisions.
  3. Espoo Campus: Innofactor’s campus in Espoo has made an impression on me. The green environment by the shore in Keilaniemi is a source of positive energy.

What are your hobbies?

Triathlon is a hobby that helps me stay fit. I also read a lot. A book recommendation I’d like to mention is Oskari Saari’s book about Aki Hintsa, which was just published in August. It’s called Tänään olen elossa: Kuolevan miehen päiväkirja (Today I am Alive: The Diary of a Dying Man) and my key takeaway from it was that you can’t live your life thinking you’ll get around to doing things later. Your life is right here, right now.

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