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Innofactor Career Story: Alli, Software Developer

The blog series Innofactor career story introduces us to the careers of Innofactor employees and to their experiences of working at Innofactor. The employees featured in the series will also reflect on some of the most important future themes in their field.

The star of today's post is Alli, who works as a Software Developer at Innofactor's Espoo office.



My career at Innofactor started a little unexpectedly. My background after graduation was largely in software development, especially in front-end, so the initial plan was for me to work on software and web development projects at Innofactor. As it turned out, I ended up working on Azure projects for a public sector customer instead of front-end web development. That was perfectly fine with me, as Azure technologies and back-end software development were both areas in which I wanted to develop my skills. This was my chance to tackle the first one. 

Before joining Innofactor, I never thought I’d work as a consultant. I had certain preconceived notions about consulting work, but the nature of the work ended up being a positive surprise. My teammates are fantastic and highly skilled people and I really enjoy working with them. In customer projects, we also work together with the employees of other consulting companies and the customer’s personnel.



"Before joining Innofactor, I never thought I’d work as a consultant. I had certain preconceived notions about consulting work, but the nature of the work ended up being a positive surprise."



Data security and deployment pipelines

The project I’ve been working on is hectic but fascinating. The focus of the project is on cloud migration, and I’ve had the chance to build the Azure environment and DevOps automation, for example. I’ve also been involved in maintenance-related duties, such as database development and SQL tasks.

What I enjoy most is working with the Azure infrastructure. I’ve had the opportunity to build templates and DevOps deployment pipelines for setting up Azure environments. Building and refining the templates and deployment pipelines is a lot of fun. When the foundations are carefully built, the subsequent stages go much more smoothly. Deployment pipelines replace functions that used to be done manually, making the work easier and more efficient.

For our public sector customer, data security is incorporated into everything right from the start, so I’ve learned a lot from our team’s data security experts during the course of the project. Data security and leveraging automation are both significant current trends in the world of IT. Data security is taken into consideration starting from the earliest stages of projects, and automation enabled by cloud computing helps reduce human error, for example.


A knowledge worker who unwinds in nature

When I’m not at work, I like to go running and spend time in nature. I aim to go on at least one long hiking trip per year. Last summer, we went to Lemmenjoki in Lapland for a hike that included trails as well as wilderness sections. The wilderness hike along River Lemmenjoki was a memorable experience. The weather was very warm that summer in Lapland, and the scrubby trees didn’t provide much shade. We spent a night in a wilderness sauna in the middle of nowhere. This year, my plan is to head to northern Sweden to Sarek National Park, which is known for its mountainous terrain.

Music is another hobby of mine. I play the piano and drums. I have my grandparents’ old piano at home and I play it occasionally.