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Innofactor Career Story: Jari, Senior Software Developer

The  Innofactor Career Story blog series introduces us to the careers of Innofactor employees and to their experiences of working at Innofactor. The employees featured in the series will also reflect on some of the most important future themes in their field.

This time we hear from Jari, who works as Senior Software Developer at Innofactor's Lappeenranta office.

Jari_kuvaaja sari heermanI studied information technology at a university of applied sciences and started my career in the IT sector during my studies. I ended up at Innofactor through an acquisition in 2013 when Innofactor acquired atBusiness, a provider of Microsoft-based solutions.

I’m posted at Innofactor’s Lappeenranta office, where I mainly work with long-term Innofactor employees but also with newer colleagues. Our brand-new customer team includes both experienced developers and more recent arrivals, so it will be interesting to see how we can develop the team’s and individuals’ work and operations in the future.

At the beginning of my Innofactor career, I worked on projects for several different customers, but during the past years I’ve worked with the same familiar customer on various development projects. Occasionally, I also participate in other customer projects. My tools include Oracle databases, the Microsoft .NET Framework, and WPF, as well as the C# programming language, for example. Since the team works with long-term and close customer relationships, we get to know each other well and know one another’s strengths. We speak the same language, so to say. We are in near daily contact with customers, and work runs very smoothly.


“Since the team works with long-term and close customer relationships, we get to know each other well and know one another’s strengths.

We speak the same language, so to say.”

What I enjoy most is working at the customer interface. My work involves both project work and customer service, and the tasks are diverse. The best thing is seeing the progress made in the project and the development and construction of the system being worked on from start to finish. We can address problems at an early stage when mapping the customer’s needs, as well as the end-users and operating models of the required solution. We create new things within the framework of the existing system. Various mobile applications will become more common in the future, but there are also systems that are not yet suited to mobile platforms and instead require a desktop application.

Remote work suits me well, as I’m relatively free to plan my own work day. In the winter I may start my day by going skiing, for example. In my free time, I do various outdoor activities and endurance sports, such as trail running. Occasionally, I also get to participate in outdoor activities and other joint activities with my colleagues through Innofactor’s Fun Club activities.

Photo: Sari Heerman/Sakura