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Innofactor Career Story: Katja, Customer Support Specialist

The blog series Innofactor career story introduces us to the careers of Innofactor employees and to their experiences of working at Innofactor. The employees featured in the series will also reflect on some of the most important future themes in their field.

This issue will focus on Katja, who works as a Customer Support Specialist at Innofactor’s Turku office.

Uratarina blogikuva

I started working at Innofactor as a Customer Support Specialist in the summer of 2021. I immediately felt at home in this Nordic company, as I’ve lived in Sweden for 20 years and completed my university studies in IT there. You really get to use your language skills at Innofactor. In addition to Service Desk duties, I’ve previously worked as a trainer, made websites for customers, and participated in various deployment projects. I’ve worked with a wide range of tasks in the IT industry and have now had the chance to use all my previous experience in my current duties.

My work is not just about managing and solving IT tickets. We also organize training sessions, draw up documentation, streamline the workflow, and make sure everything works smoothly. Many of the things we do are not directly visible to customers or other people at Innofactor. Diverse workdays and interesting projects offer new challenges to be solved. We also have great opportunities for self-development. After all, continuous competence development is essential in this field. If you feel your career has come to a standstill, or if you’re looking for new challenges, you can always try something new within the company.

The team is always close by

My team members live all around Finland, for example, in Tampere, Espoo and Turku. We can work anywhere, independent of location. Although it was unusual to start work remotely, everything runs smoothly over remote connections, and I feel my own team is always close by and I can quickly reach them. Our great team and its caring atmosphere is definitely one of the best things here. Support is always readily available.

New perspectives through a variety of tasks

 I’ve always known I wanted to work with people, so working and interacting at the customer interface suits me perfectly. Luckily, there’s something for everyone in this field. Some roles are very independent, while others are more interactive and social. If you like the customer interface, have the patience to solve problems and dig deeper into them, are ready to learn new things and aren’t afraid of dealing with many questions at the same time, Service Desk work is ideal for you. Everything is worth a try, because experimenting is the only way to gain a broad understanding of different job descriptions and roles. You can always change fields, and having insight into different tasks will be useful in the future! I would also like to encourage women to enter this sector, because it’s still quite male-dominated. If you’re interested in technology and computers, don’t hesitate!



“Everything is worth a try, because experimenting is the only way to gain a broad understanding of different job descriptions and roles.”



Cultural encounters

 In my free time, I volunteer in multicultural discussion and support groups. In groups, we talk about various challenges and amusing situations that can arise when different cultures meet. While I teach things about my own culture, I also learn a lot about the cultures and customs of other countries. My hobbies also include listening to audiobooks, exercising and traveling. In the summer, I will travel at least to Sweden, and perhaps further south as well. It’s been a few years since my last trip!