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Josua Kiviranta

Innofactor GPT Agents: a secure platform for customized GPT agents

The pressure to utilize generative AI for business purposes has steadily risen since November 2022, coinciding with the release of OpenAI's ChatGPT to the public.

Many organizations are eager to explore the potentials of generative AI, leading them to implement various solutions. Yet, concerns regarding security and safe usage persist: how can one enhance productivity using ChatGPT without risking sensitive organizational data or valuable employee-generated solutions falling into the wrong hands?

Enter Innofactor GPT Agents, a tool designed to harness the vast potential of generative AI securely.

Acquainting oneself with new AI terms

The recent breakthrough in AI has introduced numerous terms, many of which might still be unfamiliar to the wider audience. To comprehend the operational principles behind Innofactor GPT Agents, two terms stand particularly central:

  • GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer): This method is pivotal in training large language models, facilitating the ongoing AI revolution. Popularized through OpenAI's ChatGPT development, GPT serves as the driving force enabling ChatGPT to communicate with humans in natural language.
  • An agent: A program or system that leverages various tools and information sources to fulfill human-set or pre-programmed objectives. For instance, a ChatGPT-like tool could be one aspect of an agent's function. An agent often organizes information or engages in self-dialogue before delivering a final response to a request or task.

The key benefit of an agent lies in empowering users to command their computers in their native language. Additionally, an agent can:

  • Respond to commands received through a chat interface.
  • Comprehend various information sources.
  • Execute and interpret computer code and its outcomes.

"The key benefit of an agent lies in empowering users to command their computers in their native language."


Understanding how to use Innofactor GPT Agents

Innofactor GPT Agents enables the creation of multiple distinct agents tailored to specific tasks at the code level. These agents are controlled through a chat interface, allowing users to communicate tasks in natural language. The tool's usage is straightforward and doesn't require profound technical expertise.

Screenshot of the document reader agent of the Innofactor GPT Agents AI tool.
The document reading agent can execute requests and tasks related to documents uploaded to the platform.

Innofactor GPT Agents allows users to employ multiple agents simultaneously, enabling versatile work. In the example provided above, two agents operate concurrently: a ChatGPT agent and a document reading agent.

On the left side of the example image, a user interacts with a secure ChatGPT agent. The user can direct general inquiries and requests to the agent similarly to the public ChatGPT. However, with Innofactor GPT Agents, conversations remain securely accessible only to the user.

The middle and right sections of the image demonstrate interaction with the document reading agent. On the right, the user requests information about a specific document accessible to the agent and receives a response. As a reference, the agent provides a hyperlink, enabling users to verify the answer by accessing the provided source. Clicking the link opens the view displayed in the image's center: the agent accesses the document from the referenced point and highlights the text serving as the source of information.

All interactions within Innofactor GPT Agents occur entirely securely, greatly expanding the application possibilities of the solution. The tool can securely assist in processing confidential data such as contracts, product development materials, internal organizational guidelines, or any other sensitive data.

Screenshot of the ChatGPT agent of the Innofactor GPT Agents AI tool.
The conversation with the ChatGPT agent is not visible to anyone but the user.

How Innofactor GPT Agents differs from other AI solutions

Innofactor GPT Agents combines features from commonly available AI solutions into a single platform. Four key characteristics distinguish it as a compelling solution for organizations seeking a customized and secure AI tool:

  • Security: Innofactor GPT Agents follows stringent security practices, safeguarding user data. Conversations remain within the service and inaccessible to external entities.
  • Organizational customization: Developed in-house, the entire platform is customizable at the code level to meet specific customer needs. The tool accesses separately defined databases and data, delivering precise responses and fulfilling various tasks. Users can also upload their documents and make related requests.
  • Continuous optimization: A long-term AI solution that evolves by integrating specialized agents and new data sources. This ensures the tool stays updated with the organization's evolution.
  • Ease of source verification: Designed for human use, Innofactor GPT Agents facilitates verification of provided answers through agent-provided references.

"Innofactor GPT Agents can securely assist in processing confidential data such as contracts, product development materials, internal organizational guidelines, or any other sensitive data

Practical examples of solutions created with Innofactor GPT Agents

Innofactor GPT Agents enables the creation of customized assistants for various purposes that can be used simultaneously to facilitate work. Here are some potential use cases:

  1. HR assistant: Helps with employment-related queries. For instance, the agent could guide new employees on converting holiday bonuses into actual leave days, explain how the lunch benefit works, or assist in utilizing occupational health services. Promptly handling routine queries would save the HR team valuable time.
  2. Tender assistant: Simplifies the tender creation process by seeking information on successful tenders, creating customized bid templates based on past successes.
  3. Sales assistant: Enhances sales teams' work by gathering information on potential customers and tailoring sales pitches.
  4. Executive assistant: Assists in exploring strategic options securely, using specific strategic tools in its responses.
  5. Finance and banking assistant: Automates data analysis, risk assessment, and customer service.
  6. Legal assistant: Streamlines contract analysis, legal research, and document drafting.

Among our current customers, ARA has already piloted the initial version of our AI solution in the context of customer service. For new customers, an improved second version is available now.

Innofactor GPT Agents is powered by Microsoft Azure's secure cloud service

Leveraging core Microsoft Azure services like Azure AI Search and Azure OpenAI, Innofactor GPT Agents ensures data security aligned with the principles governing the customer organization's other information systems.

Employee data remains strictly within the organization's Azure environment. For instance, conversations with an agent or documents uploaded into the tool are only accessible according to rules defined by the organization and solely by the users themselves.

The architecture of the Innofactor GPT Agents AI tool.
The architecture illustration shows that interaction with Innofactor GPT Agents is secure. Conversations with the Agent remain strictly within the organization's own Azure environment and are not visible to outsiders at any point.

Let's build a secure AI solution for your organization

AI has transformed daily work in unprecedented ways. With Innofactor GPT Agents, every organization can now harness the power of AI securely and flexibly.

Our extensive experience in application development, combined with our position as one of the leading Microsoft solution partners in the Nordics, enables us to design a tailored AI solution. We're eager to hear how we can streamline your organization's tasks.

Learn more about Innofactor GPT Agents on our website and schedule an appointment with our expert to start building a secure ChatGPT assistant for your organization!


Josua Kiviranta

Tech Catalyst