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Innofactor’s Cloud Experts – Nordic collaboration and continuous learning

Innofactor’s Cloud Consultants help our customers to implement cloud migrations, automate relevant management operations, and implement security settings to ensure a secure cloud environment for all users. 

Two cloud experts, Emil from Denmark and Lars from Sweden, share their experiences on working on a Virtual Data Center project for one of Innofactor’s Nordic customers, occupational pension provider Alecta.   

You learn something new every day 

At Innofactor, you get to develop as a tech professional in various ways. Our employees learn by researching and trying new things, exchanging ideas with their skilled colleagues, and taking part in trainings about the newest technologies, among other things. 

Emil started at Innofactor as a junior with an IT background, but without much knowledge of the cloud. 

“Innofactor gave me the chance to learn more about cloud and how to work with it,” he explains. “I did have some prior consultant experience, but I’ve gotten to another level as a consultant here, too.”  

“Thanks to Innofactor, I’ve grown both as a person and as a consultant. I’ve been able to challenge myself, since I’ve been involved in structuring, implementing, testing, and then deploying solutions to an enterprise level company. I’ve also worked with security and governance related issues,” Emil continues. 

Lars is a Senior Consultant with over 35 years of experience from the IT industry. He has been working with Azure for almost 10 years and says that he still learns new things every single day.  

“I dig deeper into the services, investigate specific tasks and so on. I learn by researching issues on the internet, and then gain deeper understanding by having conversations with our experts who have deep knowledge in the specific areas,” Lars says. 

“Innofactor gave me the chance to learn more about cloud and how to work with it.”


Sky-high teamwork KSP 500x500 norway people together

A good team has a variety of strengths and skills, and shares knowledge by actively communicating and helping each other out. Both Emil and Lars have found the teamwork between the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Innofactorians great. 

“We have a very good social climate in our team. We help and listen to each other, and everyone is free to throw out any ideas or questions they may have. Our team leader and scrum master are excellent at their jobs and build the team spirit,” Lars says. 

“Our team is full of fantastic people, who are very knowledgeable. They know a lot about the things they are working with. We have the knowledge on how to make smart solutions, automate things, and make the solution come to life,” Emil adds. 

"I’ve learned a bunch of new things from our senior consultants. These conversations have helped me rethink if there’s a smarter way to do things. They’ve made me a better consultant in the past 2,5 years, and especially in the past 6 months,” Emil continues. “My colleagues have shown me that you don’t have to be a one-man army, and you can always get help.” 


“My colleagues have shown me that you don’t have to be a one-man army, and you can always get help.” 


Work with a purpose 

One of the biggest joys of a tech expert is to see how the things they make improve the work and efficiency of the end-users.  

“We have received a lot of good feedback from the customer on what and how we are delivering,” says Lars. 

Emil is glad that he has been able to do what he likes the most: “I have helped the customer with the platform from the advisory side and helped with the creation of the solutions. That is what I love to do. Cloud is a new thing to many of our customers, so we help them with their cloud journey. You start small and expand little by little.”  

“I really enjoy meeting customers and being able to solve their problems with my expertise. ‘How can I fix this?’ and so on. It’s gratifying to make peoples’ lives easier and train them on important issues while delivering the message in a way that is easy to grasp even if you are not a tech expert yourself", says Lars, who has also held several webinars where he has been able to share his knowledge to a wide audience.