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Hannu Laesvuori

Why more and more healthcare pros are using QualityFirst

If there’s one thing people universally expect from healthcare, it’s probably not delicious hospital food. Quality care, on the other hand, is something we all take for granted, especially in the Nordic countries. And for good reason. A 2017 study by Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, USA ranked Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland at the top of the list for ability to avoid patient death for 32 specific diseases.

Needless to say, for such sophisticated healthcare systems to function properly there’s an astonishing amount of policies and procedures behind the scenes. It’s complicated because it needs to be, but thanks to our tool for quality control, QualityFirst, help is at hand. QualityFirst has many potential uses in the field, in addition to ensuring that everyone can always easily find the correct version of the needed policy or procedure document. It’s for this reason that so many healthcare professionals are already using it behind the scenes, even though it’s often visible only to the quality masters of the organization. So, what makes it their number one choice?

Nobody wants to read a thousand words

First of all, we make it easy to flag processes and report deviations from the standard procedures. Our mobile app enables you to use your smartphone camera to quickly raise issues by attaching photos, reporting malfunctions and mishaps, with less text and therefore less effort. What’s more, everything featured includes access control, which is crucial in healthcare where patient data is sacred. We’ve made it our business to guarantee that access to any patient data included is limited to intended recipients.

When “not my job” is a good thing

It bears repeating: bureaucracy is what keeps the lights on in operating theaters and planes from falling from the sky. Part of bureaucracy in critical fields is keeping track of who’s qualified to do what and who’s up to date with the latest information. QualityFirst helps out with this by offering read receipts for documentation, which means no more clunky ring binders full of papers. This module also offers a quick quiz to ensure people really do read your memo.

IT won’t lose their minds

IT in healthcare doesn’t have a stellar reputation, and for good reason. Institutions are burdened by numerous poorly integrated systems that oftentimes require overlapping manual data entry, and sometimes, their stability is questionable. Well, we’re not solving all IT problems with existing systems, but one thing is for sure, we won’t add to the bottleneck. QualityFirst uses standard APIs and can be taught to talk to any software designed to communicate outside its own silo. Furthermore, we run on Microsoft’s standard stack for enterprise IT, SQL Server and SharePoint, being commonplace in most organizations. Want to focus on keeping the most critical functions on-premise? Well, luckily, QualityFirst runs on the Office365 version of SharePoint too.

There we go, a quick look at why we’re getting more and more phone calls from healthcare organizations. We have in-house expertise for healthcare projects too, so we’re always eager to hear from any quality control personnel keen to clean up their processes. Want to learn more? Head on over to our QualityFirst info pages or drop us a line. We’re here to make your work easier.

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Hannu Laesvuori

Director, Healthcare and Welfare

Hannu works as Innofactor’s Nordic Healthcare Lead, focusing on healthcare and welfare. He has 15 years of experience in delivering many demanding ICT projects to clients in the healthcare sector. Thanks to his background in consultancy, he has helped many customer organizations in Finland and abroad. In addition, he has always been interested in the integrity of healthcare information systems.